Thank you for visiting our website.  The American Journal of Entrepreneurship is a publication of the Southern Academy of Entrepreneurship, Inc, a 501(c)3 registered in the State of Georgia.  Our dream is to offer an eclectic, cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship research experience.  We do not care what your primary field of study might be.  Our goal is to publish interesting research in the field of entrepreneurship.

Our preference is scholarly work that is based upon theory.  Our only concerns are:     (a) do you have something interesting to say about the theory or practice of entrepreneurship, and (b) do you have any evidence that supports you?  We also want to be open minded about evidence.  The Journal will be open to a range of evidence, including case studies, qualitative research broadly defined, as well as statistical analyses.

We also will consider conceptual papers.  We insist that these papers present a very strong argument for the relationships that are posed by the authors, showing a clear link to the extant literature, and a discussion of possible ways to validate the proposed theory in future research.  Lastly, we have recently begun accepting teaching cases.

We welcome your participation in the journal as an author, reviewer, or volunteer.  Please contact us to strike up a conversation.