Editorial Policy

We use the following procedure to evaluate manuscripts. All manuscripts are reviewed by the Editor.  A manuscript may be returned without blind review if judged to be inappropriate for publication in AJE.  However, we will make every effort to let you know why your manuscript was returned and where you might send it for future consideration.  After the Editor has read the paper, it is sent to our referees.  Our goal is to provide each author with prompt, professional feedback about their manuscript. Regardless of whether we choose to publish your manuscript, we will always endeavor to provide you with constructive feedback so that you can gain from the experience.

Once all reviews are received, the decision to accept or reject a manuscript is up to the discretion of the Editors based upon the recommendations of the reviewers. A paper accepted for publication must meet the style guidelines of APA and be saved as a MS Word document to be included in the next available issue.

All manuscripts must include an email address for all authors, an Abstract, Keywords, and JEL Codes.

Our acceptance rate is approximately 25-30%.

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