Volume 9(2) Entrepreneurship Education


Entrepreneurship Education – Academic Acceptance and Effective Classroom Strategies and Methodologies: Introduction to the Special Issue

James Anthony Swaim

Mark S. Hiatt

SECTION I: Special Issue

The Crossroads of Social Entrepreneurship, Community Engagement,                                    1
and Learning Communities
Lane Perry
Robert J. Lahm, Jr.
Annika Schauer
Zachary Rumble

Developing an Entrepreneurship Major and Minor: One University’s Story                            23
James Anthony Swaim
Mark S. Hiatt
Robin Cheramie

Crossing Boundaries and Redefining Roles: Humanists as Academic Entrepreneurs                40
Anirban Ray
Colleen Reilly
Jeremy Tirrell

SECTION II: Research

Corruption, Turnaround, and Economic Growth: Recovering the Societal Infrastructure            62
of Entrepreneurship
William A. Andrews

Building Forecasting Models for Restaurant Owners and Managers: A Case Study                 84
Caroliniana S. Padgett
Marie DeVincenzo
Johnathan Munn
Hari K Rajagopalan

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