Volume 7(1)

Table of Contents

Introduction to Volume 7, Issue 1                                                                                  viii

Phillip C. Bryant

Eric Kinnamon


The Relationship Between Managerial

Characteristics and Succession Planning in Family Businesses:

A Multinational Analysis                                                                                                 1

Matthew C. Sonfield

Robert N. Lussier


Are We Asking the Right Questions about

Management Experience: A Meta-Analysis                                                 40

Whitney O. Peake


The Entrepreneurial Method:

Moral Virtues as the Foundation of

Entrepreneurial Expertise                                                                                             78

Thomas N. Duening

Matthew L. Metzger


Improving Recruiting Effectiveness

For Innovative Startups: The

Importance of Job Advertisement Wording                                                                102

Jean M. Phillips

Stanley M. Gully

William Castellano


Does Working for Oneself, not Others,

Improve Older Adults’ Health?

An Investigation on Health Impact

Of Self-Employment                                                                                                      142

Ting Zhang


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