Volume 7(2) Rural Entrepreneurship


Introduction to Special Edition: Rural Entrepreneurship                                                        vii
Chy-Lyi “Kathleen” Liang

Do Entrepreneurial Food Systems Innovations
Impact Rural Economies and Health?
Evidence and Gaps                                                                                                                  1
Marilyn Sitaker
Jane Kolodinsky
Stephanie Jilcott Pitts
Rebecca Seguin

Factors Affecting Spatial Variation of Microenterprises
in the Rural United States                                                                                                       20
Anil Rupasingha
Sergio Contreras

Does Rural Matter? The Creative Class in South Carolina                                                      43
Katie Maroney Lientz
Lori A. Dickes, PhD
Dave Lamie, PhD

An Institutional Perspective of Rural Entrepreneurship                                                          59
Lori A. Dickes, PhD
Kenneth L. Robinson, PhD

Entrepreneurial Profile, Characteristics, Expectations, and Outcomes –
 An Empirical Study to Compare Rural Entrepreneurs with Urban Entrepreneurs                 78
Chy-Lyi “Kathleen” Liang
Paul Dunn





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