Volume 8(1)


Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 1

Internal and External Factors Affecting the Perception of Entrepreneurial


David T. Michell

The Impact of Contracting and Property Rights Institutions
on Entrepreneurship in the United States                                                                                   1
John A. Dove

Ethical Human Resource Practices From The Perspective Of Family Ownership                      21
John T. Perry
J. Kirk Ring
Curtis Matheme
Gergana Markova

An Expectancy Theory Model of Initial Public Offerings                                                         44
Jay Brandi
Bruce Kemelgore

The Diversity of Legacy Motivation: Succession Planning of
African-American, Mexican-American, and Korean-American Business Owners                     71

Yoon G. Lee
Kenneth R. Bartkus
Myung-Soo Lee

Who Becomes an Entrepreneur? The Dispositional Regulatory Focus Perspective                   94
Dan K. Hsu




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