Submission Guidelines

in AJE are intended for a diverse audience of individuals including, but not limited to, public policy officials and academic scholars. AJE prefers research based upon quantitative evidence, or upon qualitative evidence, broadly defined.  We seek papers that are grounded in the extant literature, include appropriate analysis, and make a new contribution to the received literature in the field of entrepreneurship.

Please note that AJE will also accept “conceptual” papers.  Conceptual manuscripts must clearly make a new, significant contribution to the existing literature and show promise of being verifiable by future research.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced and no more than 25 pages in length, including figures, models, and tables.  For questions regarding grammar or style, authors should refer to the current edition of the APA Publication Manual. Author names should not appear anywhere in the manuscript except on the title page.   Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Authors must use electronic mail to submit their manuscripts. All submissions should be sent to: ajentrepreneurship (at)